One hour Consult and Plan - $75

Professional eyes to help you DIY! This service is designed for individuals who may already have some knowledge of organisational practices but need a little help to get started, or tackle some trouble areas. This service can also be performed virtually.

Power session (4 hour session) - $300

This service is designed to declutter and organise one area of your home. It could be your pantry, wardrobe, kid's toy room, or any other area that you would like to get on top of. By us working together you will then be able to apply your new skills to other areas of your home.

Entire home transformation (5 x 4 hour sessions) - $1250

If you would like assistance to declutter and organise your whole house, or need help with a deceased estate this is the package for you. This 20 hour package includes a $250 discount and can be tailored to address your individual needs. 

Tailored sessions

In its place recognises that everyone is different and we are able to tailor a service to suit your unique situation. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.